Author Topic: here is Rune-List offical Rules.  (Read 141 times)


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here is Rune-List offical Rules.
« on: August 27, 2011, 12:10:47 pm »
Last Updated: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - 8:00PM CST
Status: Approved

Section 1

- 1.0 No Trading\Selling RuneScape Accounts\Items
- 1.1 Do not Impersonate Another User
- 1.2 No Racism
- 1.3 Respect all Users
- 1.4 No Crashing\Spamming Servers
- 1.5 Do Not Commit Hostile Acts (Teaching to Crash, Spam Methods, Do not Crash, Etc)
- 1.6 Do not ask for Member or Staff
- 1.7 No Offensive Pictures
- 1.8 Listen to the Staff
- 1.9 Do not abuse bugs/glitches with the donation system or any part of the site
- 1.10 Do not spam the popup animations
- 1.11 Do Not type with all capital letters
- 1.12 Don't spam smileys or power animations
- 1.13 Do not overuse powers in your name
- 1.14 Do not use the popup animations
- 1.15 Do not use Sites who host\use stolen rs-ps content
- 1.16 Use English when talking on the Chat, or Forum
- 1.17 No Chat Bots

Section 2

- 2.0 Advertise Once per 60 Seconds
- 2.1 No Links outside Rune-List
- 2.2 No Private Message Advertising
- 2.3 Do not tell users to click your House to bypass the Advertisement limit
- 2.4 Houses with links MUST be an Rune-List link (even if your not advertising it)
- 2.5 Do not have Click Me, Click my House, or anything telling users to click your name to see your house
- 2.6 Do not use the popup animations to Advertise a Server
- 3.0 Never use a Redirection Script
- 3.1 No Racist\Sexist Content
- 3.2 No Malicious Content
- 3.3 No Offensive Media
- 3.4 Do not Steal the Loaders or Scripts
- 3.5 Do not ask another Use for their Webclient Login Details
- 3.6 Do not Copy\Steal the Source Code of the Site for any use

Section 3

- 4.0 No Favoritism
- 4.1 Always provide a valid Kick\Ban Reason
- 4.2 Warn a User before you ban the for outside links in their name, house or status
- 4.3 Never Sell Membership
- 4.4 Never ask a User for Login Details to anything
- 4.5 Follow the Rules
- 4.6 Don't Abuse your Power
- 4.7 Always help a user to the best of your abilities
- 4.8 Be Active
- 4.9 Be Responsible


*** Policies are not rules, but they are special limits to things you can do, you must obey these as Staff can punish you for violating them. ***

- P1.0 Name Stealing: You cannot use another User's name to impersonate, annoy, confuse. If somebody happens to have the same name it's fine but you cannot copy what they say, or try to confuse people with the same name.

- P2.0 Image Stealing: You cannot user another User's image to impersonate, annoy, confuse. If you are using a real-life image weather its a picture of their body, picture of something they drew, or made you must remove it if the creator asks.
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