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Ultimate RuneScape Private Server Tutorial!
« on: September 09, 2011, 08:04:42 am »

       Ultimate RuneScape Private Server Tutorial

What is a runescape private server?
A Runescape private server is a server that Java does not control. So you can do member things for free like buy mem items or explore mem area. Also the exp rates won't match the ones with Java meaning you will gain exp faster. This is a server made by a normal person for people who do not like Java's version and can come and join.

But you might ask why would they waste so much time?? this is because if the private server becomes well known meaning lost of players play on the server companies might pay the server to put ads up and the team that runs the server will get loads of cash. also some servers have special items you can get by donating money to the sever.

some advantages of playing on a private server are you gain exp faster so you don't have to work as hard you can also do mem stuff without paying the monthly fee.

Basically a Runescape Private Server, or RSPS, is a copy of Runescape owned and hosted by a person or a group of people. People play RSPSs because they are generally more fun, you level up faster, you have a better chance of getting good items and getting rich, and on most RSPS servers you will actually have a good chance to have a staff positions such as a Mod as long as you commit to the server.

And for everyone saying that they are boring, that is because you probably played on some 5 year olds terrible "Delta" server. If you play a server that actually has a good Owner and a good Coder it is very fun. You will have tons of custom items, tons of custom minigames, etc... basically the good Private Servers are just like RS only better with more features.

A Guide to Running/Starting a Runescape Private Server on a Macintosh [Mac] Computer
Lets get started.

I think we all know by now that Macs are different from Windows.
Macintosh comes with JDK and Java pre-installed!!

To start a server, basic knowledge of drag-and-drop is assumed.

Step 1: Get a source.
Step 2: A no-ip account is assumed to be in your possession.

Step 3: Log into your account, Click "Manage Hosts", Click "Add a host"

Step 4: Fill in the ip address box with the ip address from this website.

Step 5: Select DNS Host A, choose your name in the Hostname box, and click create.
Step 6: Download the No-Ip Duc for Macintosh.
Step 7: Download, Install, and Update that.
Step 8: Portforwarding.
A. Click the Network button in the upper right corner of the screen and click on "Open Network Preferences."

B. Click TCP/IP. Look for Router: or a variation of that. Copy and paste it in your browser.

C. Login with either, User: "Admin" & Pass: "Admin"; U: "Admin" & P: ""; or if you have changed it, you know
D. Navigate to some form of Advanced>Port-forwarding
E. Fill in the required boxes.
a) Ip Address: Navigate to Network Preferences in System Preferences just like you did in step 8A. Look for the network you are connected to. In my case, it was "The Hallmans." You will know because under the network, it will say "Connected." Look for "'Your Computer Name' is connected to 'Network Name' with the ip address 'XXX.XXX.X.XXX'." This will be the ip you use in the Ip Address box in port-forwarding.
b) TCP: 43594 "Always Allow" or "Allow All"
c) (If you have) UDP: 43594 "Allows Allow" or "Allow All"
d) Save settings and restart your router.

F. Congratulations, you have now port-forwarded.

Step 9: Compiling. Note: Some sources are not compatible for mac. It would be impossible to convert some of the methods called using Windows. You will just have to suffice.
A. Find your source in a New Finder window.

B. Open a terminal window adjacent to it.

Type this: "cd " (with the space after it)
Now, look at your finder window. Do you see the folder Icon next to the title of the client's folder? Click and Drag it to the terminal window and let go.
You should now have:

Press return.
Type "javac *.java" (without quotes). Press return.

If your source is compatible, it should have no errors. Somethings can be fixed easily so post here if you get errors.

Step 10: Running.

Find your servers run.bat file, open it, and copy the line that says something along the lines of "java -Xmx500m server"

Paste it into the same terminal window as you just compiled, (assuming you got no errors.)

Note: If your run command has semicolons in it, change those to colons. This is a compatibility issue from Windows to Macintosh.
java -Xmx512m -cp .;./jython.jar;./MySql/mysql-connector-java-3.0.08-ga-bin.jar server

Should be changed to
java -Xmx512m -cp .:./jython.jar:./MySql/mysql-connector-java-3.0.08-ga-bin.jar server

Press enter. You should get a message saying your server is up and running!

CONGRATULATIONS. You have finally gotten a server on your Macintosh computer.

Post any errors you might get when running, they can vary, but we can usually fix them.


This mini-section will be about making a Shell. This is an easy way to run a server or client.
Note: Shell files are the equivalent to a batch file in Windows.

Refer to step 10 to get your run command.

A shell that compiles and runs:

A shell that just runs:

To create a shell, open TextEdit. Make a new File. Format>Make plain text.
Fill the file with the desired elements and save it as the corresponding name with the extension .sh

To run a shell:
Open terminal, type "bash " and drag the shell file into terminal. Hit enter. It should have worked if you created on correctly.

How to make a Hamachi server

step 1:
Download Hamachi and install it. from
Now leave the program alone

Step 2:
Okay now that you have Hamachi its time to get a source.

Use the one that i gave you.

Step 3:
Now you need WinRar
Download it and install it.
Then download/extract your server source.

Step 4:
Great you have hamachi and Your own server source
Time for the harder part now.

step 5: fire wall :evil: hardest bit
if u have windows fire wall this is for u most same any way
first go to control pannel start-controlpannel then click fire wall
and itl come up.
at the top there are 3 options 1.genral 2.exseptions 3.advannced
click 2.exseptions
then click add port (at bottem)
add port right=43594
name= port 1
then click add program
add hamachi (should be there)

Step 6:
Now that you have a working hamachi and a source,
Its time to let people to connect to your server.
First go to your hamachi.
On the top of the Hamachi window you should see some numbers
looks like this

That number is your Hamachi ip address.

step 7:
So you will see 3 buttons at the bottom of the Hamachi window.
Click the middle one and click Create network.
And type in your Network name and Password
and your done!

Im still working on this Hamachi tutorial as im not so good with Hamachi.

How to login on a RSPS if your the hoster.
To login in if your the hoster you need to change the ip of your client! To or to change this go into and search for "server =" or "No-ip" Or "Ip"

Then after you done that compile then you can log in.. If your running your server.

How to change the ip of your client.
To change the ip of your client go into and search for "server =" or "ip" or "no-ip" and change it to your ip.

RSPS- Runescape private server. Enjoy my guide.
These are some codes i coded praps you can put them in your server if you want i spent alot of time on these so please be greatful..
. Heres link
How to make a server Online.
check that video
Coding in source+client -
Okay.... This is how to make yourself Owner / mod / admin.

Adding ::emptybank [PI]
1. add this code into

                        if (playerCommand.startsWith("emptybank")) {
                                for (int i = 0; i < c.bankItems.length; i++) {
                                        c.bankItems = 0;
                                for (int i = 0; i < c.bankItemsN.length; i++) {
                                        c.bankItemsN = 0;
2. Add this code into
       public boolean emptyBank(int itemID, int fromSlot, int amount){
                                for (int i = 0; i < c.bankItems.length; i++) {
                                        c.bankItems = 0;
                                for (int i = 0; i < c.bankItemsN.length; i++) {
                                        c.bankItemsN = 0;

and then add this in
                        if (playerCommand.startsWith("bankempty")) {

I added ::emptybank because i think its a useful command to add to your server.

To get an ip for your server go to this site -

how to jar and sign a client! [Making a client into a .jar file]
Okay first download this : Jar Maker:
Jarring Your Client:

Make a copy of your client and delete all of the java files, batch(command) files, and unneeded files/folders(sprites, models, eclipse project files, ext ext).

Open Jar Maker.

For your Output Directory, put where you want the jar file to be sent. For this tutorial I will use E:/Jarred 317 Clients.

For Output jar File, put the name of your wished Jar file. I am using myClient.jar.

For Input Directory, put the link to your copied client directory(the one of just the class fiels and sign folder). Mine is E:/RSPS/New RSPS Work/317/Clients/low detail client.

Click on the Manifest Template button and fill it in as corresponding:

Main Class: client
Class Path:
Sealed: true

Click Set Manifest.

Uncheck Generate Batch File (.bat)

it will look like

Signing your Jar File:

Click on the JAR Signer tab in Jar Maker.

Your Output directory should be the same as it was for when making your jarred client.

For Input Jar File: you can leave Grab from JAR Maker checked, or you can un check it and rename the jar.

For Jarsigner Location you need to put in the link to your jarsigner.exe file in your Java Version Bin folder(For Java 6 Update 12 it is: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_12\bin\jarsigner.exe)

Click Generate Keystore.

For Keytool Location put the link to your keytool.exe file in your Java Version Bin folder(For Java Update 6 Version 12 it is: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_12\bin\keytool.exe)

For Output Keystore File put where you want the keystore to go, I will use E:\RSPS\Keystore.dat

For your Keystore Alias, put whatever you want, I will use DeeJay Icey

For Public Key and Private key, put something you will remember for your keystore. I am using 123456

Leave Validity Days 0.

For Keystore Identities, do whatever you want.

Hit Generate Keystore(Picture at end.)

For your Keystore File, link it to the keystore you just made.

For Keystore Authentication fill in the data you set for your keystore(it must be 100% correct).

Click Sign Jar.

Your all done!

Generating Keystore:

What does a standard html webclient code look like?
<TITLE>Your Webclient</TITLE>


<applet name="yourclientname" width="765" height="503" archive="client.jar" code="client.class">
<param name="java_arguments" value="-Xmx1024m">


Source + client [I think you should use this.]

Images -

Hope this helped.

Features of server:

---CLAN CHAT works 70%---
---PVP armour+ weapons added---
--- Statius Hammer spec and vls spec---
---Great PKING---
---Very good control Panel---
---Much shops---
---Good Economy---
---Veng works 100%---
and more!

Credits of the server i recommended:
Me(Mark) (Myself for coding alot of bits.. )

Still working on it.
Hope you enjoy this tutorial.
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